Life Group FAQ’s

Life Groups are made up of members of Shine (primarily) who meet on a regular basis to connect relationally, grow spiritually, and serve collectively with one another.

Life Groups are our opportunity to participate in an intentional discipleship process for growth.  Our goal is for every member at Shine to be engaged in a group.  Life Groups are often the prerequisite for leadership at Shine.

No. The Life Group curriculum will help to firm up our foundational knowledge of the faith, but MOST importantly the group should foster authenticity and accountability. This is a space for us to challenge one another, encourage one another, ask hard questions and seek God’s wisdom for all of us.
Life Groups offer participants a deep “dive” into the core teachings of the faith, sermon-based discussions, and the option of choosing from several pre-approved curriculums. All curriculum will be useful instruction for setting up a strong foundation for a life of spiritual maturity and ministry service.
Life Groups will meet weekly from February – May. Meetings are held for 90 minutes each week. No more than 2 weeks can be missed.
Each group has the option to pick a routine meeting day and time, but will all be done virtually due to COVID – 19. For example, a group may meet Sunday’s after service. Another group might meet Wednesday nights. The key is consistency. It is important that everyone in the Life Group build this weekly critical growth time into their calendars.

To sign up for a Life Group you may do so during the month of January by going to website here. If you have questions about registration, email us at [email protected] or text 281-380-3894.

• Welcome/Ice Breaker
• Opening Prayer
• Discussion/Reflection
• Life Story (if applicable)
• Closing Prayer
Yes. We know it can be intimidating to be talk/share in a group of people. The goal of the group is to create a warm, welcoming, and confidential environment for everyone. This becomes the safe space for us to be both authentic with one another and accountable to one another.